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No, not that kind of fall, though goodness knows, what with the state of Bath’s pavements and my poor old knees (and with the aid of a glass or two of the White Hart’s* finest Prosecco I hear you say) I’ve come dangerously near a cropper practically every time I’ve stepped from the Rolls these last few months.

No, fall as in the term our cousins from over the pond use for this gloriously golden season. I’ve gone all Yankee Doodle ever since I heard Widcombe’s very own crooner James Lambeth deliver a selection of songs penned by the fabulously prolific Johnny Mercer in his show at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. Accentuate the Positive had me rethinking my life choices (I’m selecting curtains for my vestibule at present), and Moon River sent me straight to the chocolate cupboard, naturally. Of course, one doesn’t have to go north of the border, stay at an excruciatingly expensive hotel and over indulge on luxury shortbread as I did to hear James’s silken tones. I’m told he frequently performs at the Ring O’ Bells of a Sunday eve. Tapas and tunes anyone?

There’s such a lot of talent about in Widcombe, not least in the form of my good self. Though I’m not turning on the Christmas lights this year, having been usurped by Her Majesty the Queen, no less. That’s on December 1st, and after one has admired the glittering trees and shopped in the plethora of glittering Widcombe shops, I’m told one can attend a glittering cabaret at the Widcombe Social Club (compered by my good friend Ralph le Bonbon I believe). Me? Well, I’m hosting a series of posh bingo nights (or nites in the common parlance) at the Abbey Hotel’s Igloo venue, starting on December 13th.

Anyway, back to the season in hand. Let’s hope the autumn sun continues to shine on Widcombe’s burgeoning café society. Such fun to sip one’s al fresco skinny latte macchiato while shouting abuse at the occasional SUV driver who has yet to realise the traffic flows the other way these days.

Have a happy fall and may you not be troubled by the wrong kind of leaves!

*other fine hostelries are availableLady_Margaret_JulianHouse022_high res_print

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