I’m planning to go to Dominica later in the year to recuperate from my impending knee replacement. Annoyingly, my operation, which I have been rattling on about for months, has been postponed. But hopefully by November I will be partially bionic and ready to set off the security alarms at airports worldwide.

Dominica, as their tourist department is at pains to repeatedly point out, is not the package holiday destination Dominican Republic but is a separate dot in the Caribbean Sea famed for its lush greenery and eco-tourism. You can, they say with a sigh of resignation, blame Columbus and his equally intrepid brother for giving the places almost the same name. You’d think they would have discussed it first, wouldn’t you?

I never knew Columbus had a brother, but I do know that in order for Dominica to be so green it has to put up with a lot of rain. Hence the huge number of lagoons, swamps and waterfalls. There’s even a boiling lake. A friend went there and trekked to a valley where two cataracts thundered down the cliffs, one hot and one cold. Wow!

I’m not sure if my new knee will be up for anything that could be described as a trek, but I note our villa has an infinity pool, which might supply all the wetness I need. Apart from the application of the occasional pina colada.

You only have to watch an episode of Death in Paradise to notice the sky isn’t always blue in that region, though the scriptwriters go to great pains to cover for the overcast conditions by constantly referring to sun cream.  I once stayed in a cottage on the island of Nevis in the so-called dry season.  It rained solidly for a week.  The downpour was so loud on our tin roof we couldn’t hear what the weatherman was saying on the ancient telly in the corner. Though the map behind him displayed a large yellow sun throughout. Perhaps they were showing repeats!

I remember we had a picnic on our veranda and the air was so humid the Ryvita went soggy within minutes and sagged over the edge of the plate.

My arthritic knee currently plays up in damp weather. But titanium is rust proof, isn’t it? Should be all right then. Bring on the deluge!

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