Purple people

As anyone who has sat next to me in a pub in the last six months will know, I’m downsizing from grand Georgian to swish modern. Those of you who have been bored stiff with hearing about the machinations of my house sale will be overjoyed to hear that I am about to exchange and complete.

My new abode was once a show home for the whole block and comes complete with elaborately swathed purple show home curtains. I don’t believe I have ever owned a single object in that rather unfashionable colour. However, getting new drapes for seven floor to ceiling windows would cost a fortune, so suddenly I’m a purple person. And now I see purple everywhere, not least at the Olympics where it seems the local DIY superstore must have had a two for one offer on purple emulsion. Even the ceremonial podia are purple (never thought I’d use purple and podia in the same sentence!) making the medal winners look as though they are standing on a display of presentation  chocolate boxes sponsored by our own dear Cadbury’s.

Realising my slightly worn beige Chesterfield would not go with my new window furniture, I paid a visit to that sofa warehouse with the never ending sale. I took a pal along to be my ‘sitter’ as my dodgy knee causes me to get stuck on the lower kind of suite. Can I help you sir? Yes, please extricate me from this fully extendable washable leatherette dream corner unit. Eventually he found one that was firm, of a reasonable height and didn’t have any unnecessary extras such as hydraulic footrests or an I-player dock.

And of course, it is purple. Swirly, unashamedly, outrageously, regally purple. And huge!

Then I got worried. My friends, on hearing of my somewhat pre-emptory purchase looked askance. Purple? Are you sure?  What if the sale falls through? You might end up with a dinky beamed country cottage where purple swirls and chrome legs (yes!) would look hideous. But then I switched on Eastenders. And there was the show’s latest anti-hero, weeping inconsolably whilst slumped on…my purple sofa.  With the full set of tear-stained scatter cushions.

How on trend is that? Well trend, I’d say!

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