Lists? I love them. My list of jobs for Widcombe Rising, our fabulous street party, is probably the longest ever. Last time I got overwhelmed and the jobs piled up, resulting in a last minute panic. By the time the event came round I was absolutely cream crackered!

I’m supposed do quality control on the day, wandering up and down checking for overflowing bins and keeping the picnic tables tidy. To tell the truth, by mid-afternoon the event seemed to be running itself. Everyone was having a whale of a time in the baking sun, so I crept off into the cool of the Natural Theatre basement and had a good kip. I got caught by someone looking for a broom. I felt guilty…for about three seconds. Someone else can sweep the flipping street I thought, spitefully, and went back to sleep.

This year I decided I really ought to enjoy myself. There are only two of us who organise it (though there’s lots of help on the day), hence that endless list. So being incredibly efficient I booked the infrastructure such as bins and bogs way back in August. Ticked off and done. But then months later I panicked. What if they’ve forgotten? What if they’ve gone bust? So I had to go all the way through my list again, just to make sure. So now my list is doubly done!

And what a party it’s going to be. Stilt walking cricketers, al fresco dining Widcombe-style, an Indian brass band, a palm court tea room, giant snail racing, hula-hoop classes, drawing classes…and even have-a-go trapeze classes. Think I might pass on that last one. I don’t feel like swinging upside down with a tummy full of fine dining. But you can have a go. Swing closer to heaven in the aisle of St. Matthew’s church where the rig will be set up!

Me? After I’ve judged the Mr Widcombe contest I’ll be tucking into a cream tea in the Natural’s studio, renamed Not the Pump Room. Listening to the Not the Pump Room Trio! Or bopping to some great local bands on the four music stages. Or taking a leisurely turn on the giant Widcombe Eye.

Or I might creep off for a quick snooze.

Widcombe Rising 2012 17th June 1.30pm -7.30pm

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