It’s bit early to be thinking about it, but we are already starting to organise next year’s Widcombe Rising. For those of you who don’t know, the Rising is a big biennial street party that brings the whole of Widcombe together in a community knees-up and shows off its many attractions to the city as a whole.

We were hoping to be whooping it up in celebration of the opening of our gleaming new by-pass, but this has been put off yet again. Oh well, we’ve waited twenty five years, another decade wont hurt!

Nevertheless, the streets will be closed, the big wheel will go up and the neighbourhood will be buzzing with theatre, music and café society. All very exciting, but I’ve been getting on with all the boring jobs this week like hiring toilets and ordering rubbish skips. Someone has to do it, but calculating the number of toilet rolls required ten months ahead is slightly dull.

Naturally, because of the proximity of you-know-what we have chosen an Olympic theme. Retro sporting heroes to be precise, so expect the streets to be filled with slow-motion Chariots of Fire athletes in long shorts and old fashioned weightlifters in leopard skin leotards all vying for the best fancy dress award.

The Natural Youth Theatre will be commissioned to devise a street theatre scenario about famous historical sportspersons associated with the area. Historian Kirsten Elliot has already unearthed the astonishing fact that Roger Bannister used to practice by running up to Beechen Cliff. Is that enough to wangle a grant out of Heritage Lottery?

Well known local doyenne of the arts Lady Margaret has already announced her intention to stage a Mr Widcombe contest, in addition to her notorious dog show. I wonder if any of the body-beautiful contestants will draw blood by sinking their teeth into each others ears as happened in last year’s canine competition? Children were led away in tears and a certain Jack Russell has been grounded for life I hear.

An in what could possibly be an omen, I’ve just developed a nasty case of athlete’s foot. Probably the nearest I’ll get to an Olympic achievement this side of 2012!

Widcombe Rising, subtitled The Owimpics, takes place on June 17th 2012

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